William Shakespeare’s Dune, Act II, Scene xii

The Foyer of the Ducal Residence of Arrakeen. Night.

Enter the DUKE LETO

LETO: “By day a column made of smoke, by night
A fiery pillar,” What’s the sense of this
Unscripted note the Fremen send to me?
A riddle without answer, without clue,
And Hawat says that Jessica needs naught
Of clues to our purposeless subterfuge.
I erred by making she who should have been
My queen into a pawn, concealing that
In which she might have helped me from her aid.
That fault I’ll right, but soft, who cries?

Enter the SHADOUT MAPES, wounded.

MAPES: Cry havoc! Murther! Tuek I was sent
To find. Milady. Must escape, but you
Must not be here! Ah, no! My blood runs out!

LETO: What perfidy is this, within my house?
And who dares murder in my very walls?

Enter YUEH, who shoots LETO with a dartgun

LETO: Thou traitor! Thou hast sabotaged the shields
That House Atreides ward from all our foes!
But how?

YUEH: The drug that courses through thy blood
Permits thy speech, but at the cost of pain.
There dwells within the universe such pain
To still the fiery conscience set within
My bones by my conditioners, and wake
My lust to kill a man, to wish
Him dead more than I ever longed to heal.
No countercharm from this compulsion’s pull
Shall steer me from my course implacable.
Not thee, dear liege, to whom I owe all love,
But he who wears Harkonnen’s vile name.

LETO: Harkonnen’s Baron?

YUEH: Quiet, time is short.
You lost a tooth at Narcal. In it’s place
I’ll set this denture with a hollow core
Exactly like the one the holds the nerve
In any honest tooth a man might grow.
When you bite down, the tooth is crushed and fills
Your mouth with poison, death to all who breathe.
I’ll not deceive thee: thou art dead, and were
The moment thou set foot upon this world.
But thou shalt meet the Baron ‘ere thou die.
He’ll think thee drugged and bound, past all attack.
And shall be, save a sharp as serpent’s tooth
Thou shalt remember, even to the last.

LETO: But why?

YUEH: My soul I placed in shaitan’s hand
If he would give my wife or my revenge
To me, and thou art of this bargain half
That’s mine t’accomplish. But when I his face
Behold, I’ll know if he hath done his half.
I’ll never meet him without thee or with
A weapon in my hand to cause him hurt.
So thou wilt be my tooth, to strike him down
When he believes himself beyond all harm.

LETO: Refuse

YUEH: Refuse me not, for in return
I save thy son and she who bore him.

LETO: How?

YUEH: I shall contrive to count them with the dead,
But secretly shall send them where the name
Harkonnen spoken causeth blades to leap
From scabbards, where that name is so despised
That salt is scattered where Harkonnen walks
And beds are burned to ashes where they sleep.
I take thy ring for Paul. Good-bye, my Duke.
When next we meet, we’ll have no time for words.