William Shakespeare’s Dune, Act III, Scene ii.

A blasted cliff. Dawn.

Enter Thufir HAWAT, Atreides SOLDIERS, Fremen

HAWAT: To see a thing for what it truly is
Hath been my my house’s crest, if house I had
Besides Atreides. Now I feel its weight
Drag as a yoke about my neck: the curse
Of being Mentat, nevermore to rest
From analyzing data, though the brain
Do cry for brief respite, it toils on.

FREMEN: Harkonnen men patrol like swarms of ants

HAWAT (aside): I have a knife, why hold I it from use
Upon my very veins, that hated life
In blood doth carry through my cursed flesh
Unto my dotard mind, which failed both
To save my Duke, through underestimate
Of what the hated Baron dared to spend
To rid th’Imperium of his proud foe.
I had believed their full attack would field
No more than ten brigades, a legion strong.
And yet Arrakis’ baleful star doth light
A hundredscore of ships, whose holds did bear
Ten times the foes we feared to fight, and more
Two legions of the Sardaukar, before
Whom none could stand save our elitest men.
And fifty years of spice ta’en from these sands
Might pay the cost of such adventuring.

FREMEN: Your Halleck with our smuggler friends are safe.

HAWAT: Then Gurney and his men may ‘scape this hell.

FREMEN: Do you wish to take that road yourself?

HAWAT: Is’t possible?

FREMEN: The way is long and long.

HAWAT: Ye have not said if ye’ll our wounded aid.

FREMEN: Thy men are wounded.

HAWAT: Fellow, that we know!

FREMEN: Peace, my friend. What do thy wounded say?
Are there among them men who see the need
For water that thy tribe is surely in?

HAWAT: We have as yet of water naught discussed.

FREMEN: When they are thine, thy friends, thy tribesmen, hard
The matter is. Have you then water, friend?

HAWAT: We’ve not enough to meet our present need.

FREMEN: Without your suits and in your sietch you were
Most truly caught, and now you must decide
A water matter. This I cannot aid.

HAWAT: Can we buy thy alliance? Name your price.

FREMEN: Ye have no water. Have ye men to spend?

HAWAT: I wish my men preserved that I may go
And hunt the traitress that hath brought us down
To such disaster. I can pledge the word
Of aught my Duke or his estate can pay.

FREMEN: How canst thou or aye any other man
Thy men preserve, as if they were a fruit?
They must preserve themselves, or not. Wouldst thou
That I should take that choice from thee or thine?

HAWAT: Touch not that steel!

FREMEN: What fearest thou, indeed?

HAWAT: Harkonnen’s price on me is rich indeed.

FREMEN: The Byzantine corruption have we not.
Harkonnen gold the smallest child of us
Sufficeth not to buy. You know us not.

HAWAT: We share the same Harkonnen foe, could I
My blade and knowledge bargain for your aid?

FREMEN: Harkonnens I have seen thee fight and wish
That thou hadst been my ally in time past.
Your skill and courage are puissant in war.

HAWAT: O say then where my blade may do you aid!

FREMEN: Harkonnen forces roam throughout the world.
But thou hast no decision made nor let
Thy men their water portion as they will.

HAWAT: I understand thee not; show my thy ways!

FREMEN: You came across the dunes on sand that slips.
You have no water, stillsuits, and no hope.

HAWAT: Arrakis’ ways do not come easily.

FREMEN: They do not, yet have we Harkonnens killed.

HAWAT: When yours are wounded, what do ye with them?

FREMEN: Your wounded know you have no water. What?
Do they not know if they are worth the price
In water for the saving of their lives?
Thy tribe must look to its salvation, that
Which wounded and unwounded share alike.

HAWAT: Have you word of my Duke, or his son?

FREMEN: What word would you?

HAWAT: Their fate, God please it you!

FREMEN: All men do meet their fate alike. Your Duke
Has done so it is said. Lisan al-Gaib
Is in the hands of Liet, who saith not.

HAWAT: Hast thou of Duncan Idaho no word?

FREMEN: When the shield went down he was i’th’house.
Of Arrakeen affairs we little know.
Do you, O Thufir Hawat, knowledge have
Of weapons such as the Harkonnens used?
The large ones that do throw a bursting shell?

HAWAT: Artillery which trapped our men in caves.
Such knowledge theoretical I have
Made useless in this day and age of shields
Until this day, would it I’d never seen.

FREMEN: He who hides in holes deserves to die
If he doth not make sure of an escape.

HAWAT: What need you know of engines such as these?

FREMEN: That Liet wished to know.

HAWAT: Is’t why you’ve come?
To probe the secrets of the giant guns?

FREMEN: Liet wished to see one for himself.

HAWAT: Then prithee, go and take one for himself.

FREMEN: Aye, we have taken one, and have it hid
Where Stilgar may it study and report
To Liet, an’ he wish it, but the gun
Is no good weapon for Arrakis’ clime.

HAWAT: You took artillery from Sardaukar?

FREMEN: We lost but two of ours and water spilled
From fivescore men and more of theirs. If not
For those who fought beside Harkonnen’s men
We’d not have lost the two, but some of those
Are fighters that could strive with any man.

SOLDIER: Do you speak of Sardaukar?

HAWAT: He does.

FREMEN: The Sardaukar! So that is what they are!
Which legion, do you know? This is a night!
Yet clad in weeds Harkonnen? Is’t not strange?

HAWAT: The Emperor would not that it were known
That he doth war against Atreides’ House.

FREMEN: But you do know that they are Sardaukar.

HAWAT: And who am I?

FREMEN: Thou Thufir Hawat art.
We would have learned of them in any case
And did send three of them for questioning
To Liet.

AIDE: You did capture Sardaukar?

FREMEN: But three of them, for that they fought so well.
Do you delay because you worry that
Lisan al-Gaib shall come to harm? Fear not.
If he Lisan al-Gaib is truly, then
No harm can come to him; naught hath been proved.

HAWAT: I serve Lisan al-Gaib, am pledged to him

FREMEN: Are pledged unto his water, to return
To where his water issueth?

HAWAT: I am.

FREMEN: Why said you not it was a water bond?

AIDE: Zounds! Thufir, Arkie hath gi’en up the ghost.

FREMEN: The bond of water! Surely, ’tis a sign.
We have a place his water to accept.

HAWAT: The bond of water.

FREMEN: Let our tribes be joined.

Four FREMEN pick up ARKIE’S body and exit

SOLDIER: Oy! What means this treachery, Thufir?

HAWAT: They take our Arkie for to bury him.

SOLDIER: The Fremen bury not their dead, Thufir!
We know their ways, seek not to cozen us!

FREMEN: For one who died to serve Lisan al-Gaib
Paradise is certain, and his name
Shall live as long as memory endures.

SOLDIERS rise and draw

HAWAT: For shame! Put up thy blades and lasgun, fools!
These men respect our dead in other guise.

SOLDIER: They squeeze the water from our comrade’s flesh!

FREMEN: Wish they to see the ceremony done?

HAWAT: They wish their comrade treated with repect.

FREMEN: As we respect our own: we know the rites.
The flesh is man’s; his water is the tribe’s.

HAWAT: Will you now help our wounded?

FREMEN: We for you
Will do all that a tribe does for its own.
The bond may not be questioned. Suits for you
And all necessities must now be found.

AIDE: Have we bought help with Arkie’s water, sir?

HAWAT: Nay, we have joined with them, and we are theirs.

AIDE: They’ll help us get to Arrakeen, and home?

FREMEN: And we will kill Harkonnens, be their clothes
Be wrapped about themselves or Sardaukar.
An aircraft comes! Conceal yourselves, be still.

They fight.
FREMEN and ATREIDES soldiers are slain.
HAWAT is stunned and captured.