William Shakespeare’s Dune, Act III, scene vi.

The lair of Staban TUEK

Enter Staban TUEK and GURNEY

TUEK: So you are Gurney Halleck the renowned
In war and song. I Staban Tuek am.
The son of Esmar Tuek, whom you knew.

GURN: To you is due our thanks for given aid.

TUEK: Such gratitude is well. But seat yourself.

GURN: They say your father’s dead, Harkonnen’s prey.

TUEK: My father’s gone, slain by Harkonnen hand
Or treacherous Atreides. We know not.

GURN: Can you the traitor name? I’ve sworn revenge.

TUEK: We know it not with any certainty.

GURN: Our Hawat thought t’was Leto’s concubine.

TUEK: The Bene Gess’rit witch? Perhaps it was.
But Hawat is a captive of your foes.

GURN: Then we’ve a mountain yet of foes to kill.

TUEK: We’ll no wise call attention to ourselves.
You and your men have sanctuary here
And if your gratitude be from your hearts
Then join with us, employing skills we need.
But know that ere you openly make war
Against Harkonnen, we shall kill you all.

GURN: Harkonnen killed thy father, man. God’s blood!

TUEK: Perhaps. And yet my father had himself
This answer for those who would thoughtless act:
“A stone is heavy, sand a crushing weight,
But wrath of fools outweighs the pair of them.”

GURN: Then thou wilt leave thy father unavenged?

TUEK: I said not so. I said that with the Guild
Whose leave we need to be that which we are,
We must be circumspect. There’s ways and ways.
If you would seek the witch, have at her, but
We doubt she is the one you seek, besides
She’s likely dead, and has no life to seek.

GURN: Thufir Hawat’s errors were but few.

TUEK: And yet he lives, and in Harkonnen hands.

GURN: You think that Hawat did betray our lord?

TUEK: We think the witch is dead, the rest is chaff
Blown on the sand and we regard it not.
Harkonnen doth believe her dead.

GURN: You seem
Most well-informed of what Harkonnen thinks.

TUEK: We’ve hints and rumors, hunches and surmise.

GURN: You must believe our Duke is dead indeed
If you wish four and seventy of us
All that remain to him, to join with you.

TUEK: His body hath been seen: his death assured.

GURN: And Master Paul, who would have been his heir?

TUEK: Lost with his mother, in a desert storm
Their bones will be commingled with the sand.

GURN: And so the witch hath sacrificed her son
Herself and all, on this unholy fane.

TUEK: And Beast Rabban, they say, returns to rule
Upon the seat of power on this world.

GURN: The Count of Lankiveil? That same Rabban?

TUEK: Aye.

GURN: A debt I’ve yet to pay to him
For all my blood, whom he did slay within
The pits of slavery on Giedi Prime.
And for this inkvine scar that mars my face
Which help it needed none, yet I shall have
Revenge, and gave Atreides loyalty
That I might have the chance to take it. So
I’ll serve with you an’ you give me the same.

TUEK: Your thirst for vengeance you’ll in patience bear
If you do serve with us. A man who drinks
Of wine without controlment loses ships.
A man who guzzles vengeance loses all
He hath and all his friends do have besides.
Speed is a snare of Satan. Ease your pain
With water, grass and women fair, all three
We here do have, and we shall share with thee.

GURN: Rabban Harkonnen’s blood I’d liefer have
About my feet. You think that day will come?

TUEK: Each man must meet tomorrow on his own,
And I can only help you meet today.

GURN: Then I will take your help and pray that day
Come swiftly when we both revenge shall have.
For all Harkonnen slaughtered on this night.