I am delighted to say that it’s past time for another Bibliography Update. Some of the anthologies here are on Goodreads. You can also look at my author page on Amazon.

“The Hound of the Bastard’s Villa,” No Game For Knights, September 2022.

“The Chrysalyx,” And Then It Got Weird…, October 2021.

“Through A Spyglass Darkly,” Talons and Talismans, October 2021.

“Response To Complaint,” Smoke In The Stars, September 2021.

“Salvage Judgment,” Jim Baen Memorial Award Winner, FREE at Baen Books, August 2021.

Responsibility Of The Crown, New Mythologies Press, Chris Kennedy Publications, May 2021.

All Things Huge and HideousSelf-published September 2020.

“Humanslayer,” Baen Fantasy Adventure Award Winner, FREE at Baen Books, August 2020.

“The Last Academy,” Fantastic Schools And Where To Find Them, Vol. 1, June 2020.

“Adeste, Fideles,” Cirsova, March 2020.

“Day of Atonement,” Holy C.O.Wed. D Avraham July 2019.

“Wheels-Up Time,” StarShipSofa, November 2019.

Moon 2095: The Girl Who Wasn’t There, DFC, September 2019.

“Whoever Is Not For Us,” FREE on Mysterion, July 2019.

“In The Republic Of The Blind,” Amazing StoriesNovember 2018.

“Iron Out Of Vulcan,” Battling In All Her Finery, October 2018.

“Crying By Remote Control,” Mind Candy Too, ed. Alvin Mullen, September 2018.

“All the Colors of the Darkness,” Survivored. Mary Anne Mohanraj and J.J. Pionke, August 2018.

“In the Employee Manual of Madness,” The Cackle Of Cthulhu ed. Alex Shvartsman, January 2018.

A Doctor To Dragons, Superversive Press, April 2017.

“What Good Is A Glass Warrior?”, April 2017. FREE on Escape Pod!

“Song of the Barren,” Fantastica vol. 2 ed. Chester Hoster, November 2016.

“She Who Walks In Darkness,” Miskatonic Nightmares, ed. H. David Blalock, November 2016.

“Night of the Living,” Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine #64, ed. Tom Dullemond, September 2016.

“This Far Gethsemane,” Mysterion: Rediscovering the Mysteries of the Christian Faith, ed. Kristin and Donald Janz, Enigmatic Mirror Press, August 2016.

“Responsibility Descending,” May 2016. FREE on Podcastle.

“Past Perfect,” Love Hurts, ed. Tricia Reeks, Meerkat Press November 2015.

“Phoenix For The Amateur Chef,” Sword and Sorceress 30, ed. Elisabeth Waters, MZB Literary Works Trust, November 2015. Now FREE on FarFetchedFables!

“The Blind Queen’s Daughter,” Hides the Dark Tower, ed. Kelly Harmon and Vonnie Winslow Crist, Pole to Pole Publishing, October 2015. Now FREE on FarFetchedFables!

Fallen Horseshoes,” New Realms,, July 2015.

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