Sample Snippets


All The Colors Of The Darkness: A blinded witch whose powers were stolen is accused of the impossible. Forthcoming in Survivor, ed. Mary Anne Mohanraj and J. J. Pionke, Lethe Press.


Night Of The Living: Traveling among humans gengineered to live in the vacuum of space, can Daniel save himself and them from an old horror resurrected by new technology? Published in Andromeda Spaceways.

This Far Gethsemane: A human and her alien friend, trapped on a remote island test the limits of endurance and what it means to have faith. Published August 2016 in Mysterion, ed. Donald Crankshaw and Kristin Janz, Enigmatic Mirror Press.


She Who Walks In Darkness: At Miskatonic University, the books can kill, or worse. And love may cost your soul. Published November 2016 in Miskatonic Nightmares, ed. H. David Blalock, Alban Lake Press.

Fallen Horseshoes: Ghosts can be useful, when you’re a blacksmith. And they can attract the kind of attention that you never, ever, want… Published June 2015 in New Realm magazine.