Sample Snippets


NEW! All Things Huge And Hideous: In this chapter, James helps his foster brother with a patient’s personal problem and then receives a strange client.

All The Colors Of The Darkness: A blinded witch whose powers were stolen is accused of the impossible. Forthcoming in Survivor, ed. Mary Anne Mohanraj and J. J. Pionke, Lethe Press.


Night Of The Living: Traveling among humans gengineered to live in the vacuum of space, can Daniel save himself and them from an old horror resurrected by new technology? Published in Andromeda Spaceways.

NEW: The Girl Who Wasn’t There: Paula and Jael Wardhey track a mysterious girl across the surface of the moon.


She Who Walks In Darkness: At Miskatonic University, the books can kill, or worse. And love may cost your soul. Published November 2016 in Miskatonic Nightmares, ed. H. David Blalock, Alban Lake Press.

Fallen Horseshoes: Ghosts can be useful, when you’re a blacksmith. And they can attract the kind of attention that you never, ever, want… Published June 2015 in New Realm magazine.