The Return Of The Logoccentric Orbit!

Hello, readers!

Okay, so it’s the end of week two of The New Day Job, and I’ve been spending this week trying to figure out how to keep the productivity up that I enjoyed while working part time. Needless to say, it’s harder. But the job is good, I’ve made some adjustments, and I hope to get back on track with everything that’s going on.

So my goals are, in approximate order:

1) Get back to at least 1000 words per day on the contracted novel.
2) Get back to daily blog posts.
3) Get back on track for providing my Patreon supporters content.
4) Improve my online presence (hints gratefully accepted for that last one, BTW)
5) Get back to the James & Harriet stories.

I really appreciate all my blog followers. Remember, a writer who’s read is a productive writer, so if you’ve enjoyed following me, please comment, respond, and spread the word!

Thanks again,


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