Life, The Universe, And Everything: Who’s Going?

Hey, everyone!

If you’d like to meet up at the Life, The Universe, and Everything conference in Provo Utah next week, I will be there! This is my schedule, and if I know you from online, real life, or even better, if you’re a fan, don’t forget to grab me and say hi! I’m expecting to have a lot of fun and be at a lot of panels besides the ones I’m speaking at!

G. Scott Huggins (400) Friday 1:00 PM45minBryceBuilding Your Process by Copying Another’s ProcessPanel
G. Scott Huggins (400) Thursday 9:00 AM45minMapleKhan! The Rise and Fall of the Mongolian EmpirePanel
G. Scott Huggins (400) Friday 5:00 PM45minElmWhy So Ceres-ous? Homesteading Asteroids and Dwarf Planets!Panel

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