2019: The Year Of The Novel. For Me.

This year, by the grace of God, saw me reach a goal I’ve been working toward my whole life: I became a novelist. This year, my publications include:

Novel: ALL THINGS HUGE AND HIDEOUS (currently on sale for just $3 on Amazon!)
Story: “Wheels-Up Time” at StarShipSofa
Story: “Whoever Is Not For Us” at Mysterion
Story: “Day Of Atonement” In HOLY C.O.W. anthology

In addition, I sold two more stories, which will appear in 2020. They are:

“On The Menu Stains Of Madness” in Stupefying Stories.
“Adeste Fideles” at Cirsova.

In addition, I was privileged to be an Attending Pro at DragonCon, and my novel manuscript ACROSS THE ENDLESS OCEAN won Runner-Up honors in the #ReviseandResub contest on Twitter. Finally, I participated in NaNoWriMo and reached 50,000 words on my As Yet Unnamed Manuscript.

Not everything went exactly to plan. My greatest shortfall was the number of stories I sent out for submission. My goal was to send out 100 stories. I sent out only 55 submissions. Some of that was that I underestimated long response times and did not have as many manuscripts ready to go as I would need. And some of it was just me being lazy. And some of it was starting a new full-time job, which is anther achievement that I am quite happy about, grateful for, and proud of. But it does take time away from writing.

Also, I am quit humbled that this year, someone — I have no clue who — sent me an anonymous gift in the form of a short sword, pictured below. Whoever you are, you made me feel like a knight, and I dedicate myself anew to the quest of creating new worlds for the readers.

No photo description available.

Ave atque vale!

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